Spanish cinema arrives to the Mostra of Venice

Seven days from start, Spanish cinema has been in the Venice, though out of competition. The Spanish TV newscast “Telediario” gives an overview of Spanish films at the Venice Biennale 2011, amongst which is ANÓNIMOS, the only Spanish short film participating.

Fragment about ANONIMOS begins at minute 01:17.

televisionSep 7th 2011
Monday premiere of ANÓNIMOS, with the participation of Mary Pedroviejo.

On Monday September 5th, at the city of Venice, ANÓNIMOS is presented in the Venice Film Meeting, the only Spanish short selected for the eighth edition. ANÓNIMOS is a Spanish-Italian co-production directed by Félix Llorente and starring María Pedroviejo and Danielle Defranceschi. The original music comes from Santiago Capote, founder and musical component of duo "Ellos". Among more than 400 bridges that are in Venice, and a monumental maze of streets and canals, two people are looking for each other. Their only contact is through your cell phone.
PressSep 2nd 2011
Online pressSep 2nd 2011
María Pedroviejo stars ANÓNIMOS, presented in Venice

Actress from Guadalajara (Spain) Maria Pedroviejo short film starring 'Anonymous' participating in the Venice Film Meeting, held in the Italian city between September 5th and 8th. This Monday is the date of presentation of the film, the only Spanish work selected. 'Anonymous', starring by María Pedroviejo and Italian actor Daniele De Franceschi, who also wrote the screenplay. The film is directed by Felix Llorente. Filmed in Venice.
Online pressSep 1st 2011
The short of Alcarrian arrives Venice

On September 5 will be a memorable date. The only Spanish short selected for the eighth edition of the Venice Film Meeting is called "Anonymous" and is played by a Alcarrian actress María Pedroviejo. The Venice Film Commission, who selected the works, is an organization that supports film making and the use of Venice as a photographic motif to promote the city and make the best she has.
Online pressSep 5th 2011
Radio Liberty interview “Anonymous” shortfilm team

The only Spanish sortfilm participant in the Mostra of Venice. We were with the director Felix Llorente, the protagonist, Maria Pedroviejo and the composer of the soundtrack Santiago Capote. An intimate interview to remember.
radioSep 13th 2011
Cadena Cope interview with María Pedroviejo and Felix Llorente.

Interview with María Pedroviejo and Félix Llorente about short film "Anonymous" in "That's the morning," daily magazine of Cadena Cope Guadalajara presented by Mercedes Castilian.

Interview starts at min. 70:00.
radioOct 7th 2011
"Anonymous" short film team interviewed at Cadena Ser

Juan Solo interviews María Pedroviejo and Félix Llorente about short film "Anonymous”.

radioOct 7th 2011
Interview with the team of "Anonymous"

Interview in the magazine "We are with you in Guadalajara", presented by Monica Gallo. With the premiere of the short in this city, in the Second Exhibition "The shorts are for the summer," organized by the cultural association Baidefeis with Isra Calzado López, Félix Llorente and María Pedroviejo.
televisionOct 7th 2011
Interview with María Pedroviejo and Félix Llorente in the magazine Contigo

Ana Acebes presents the short film "ANONYMOUS" and speaks with his protagonist Maria Pedroviejo and director Felix Llorente.

Interview starts at min. 07:00.
televisionOct 7th 2011
Pozuelo´s director Félix Llorente takes "Anónimos" to the Goya´s Final

The Spanish Film Academy has announced the 10 short films selected to be eligible for the Goya 2012 in the category of "Best Short Film'. Among these ten is 'anonymous' of the Madrilenian director from Pozuelo, Felix Llorente.

prensa onlineDec 13th 2011
The short film 'Anonymous' (Anónimos) starring Maria Pedroviejo, walk toward the Goya.

The Film Academy has announced the short films to compete in the Goya Awards in the categories of animation, documentary and fiction, including 'Anonymous', directed by Félix Llorente and starring Maria Pedroviejo and Daniele Defranceschi.

prensa onlineDec 20th 2011
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