Two people look for each other in Venice: a labyrinth of streets, bridges and water canals.

    ANÓNIMOS tells a humor story of many coincidences.

     Filippo, a young Italian photographer, speaks on the cell phone with Maria, a young Spanish girl and a total stranger. Wandering around Venice, they’re looking for each other. Helped only by their phones they try to find their way in the labyrinth of more than 400 bridges over water canals. Why are they looking for each other? Will they meet?

Misunderstanding can seem unreal, especially now, in an age where everyone is connected and constantly accessing information. In ANONIMOS something is happening, and it could be ourselves.

     One of the great points in ANONIMOS is the cinematography, captivating the sights of Venice. The wonderful shots of bridges, water canals, buildings and the whole city surrounded by vivid light and atmosphere, makes this film a nice encounter with movies and Borges´ maze narrative style, that catches audiences eyes till the end.

    "I have some friends that had the same mobiel phone confusion that goes beyond any fiction movie".

María Pedroviejo, Actress

    "While making the shortfilm, we wanted to show Venice as much as we could in little time. The idea of two people, talking to each other while they are looking for one another, came up perfectly to us. Venice was our first option from the beginning. It´s a nice and enchanted city -not just because it´s my adoptive town- it´s a great scenario, a wonder set, an amusement park, and seems difficult to think that people really live there. That´s why Venice is another main character in the movie, valued with the great photography that Félix took out there."

Daniele Defranceschi, Writer and Actor

    "We have made a big production effort, and it was amazing to film in Venice: the whole city was a huge movie-set. The chance to get lost there was a privilege that not only characters could do, but ourselves as cast and crew. Fitting those places to the script and shooting-plan, the city became another character along with María and Filippo."

Félix Llorente, Director

    "When we were shooting, we listened the music of the city. There are concert halls where music is playing baroque, violins, pianos... All of this surrounded us, and highly influenced the composition of the music for the shortfilm."

Santiago Capote, Music Composer
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