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Did you feel it too?


Deep into fear, a child's nightmare.

“A fast turn that takes you down to psychological terror was the idea that poke us all time through writting and shooting, to make Sarah’s fears become part of our own."

Félix Llorente

Sarah is getting ready to go out for dinner. Suddenly, she feels that she´s not alone at home. Making her mind that her suspect wad true, she only has a one direction decision.

Fears and thoughts, noise and shadows, presence at the other side, across the door, the hair goes up, the phone hung out, the friends are gone, the lights are of, you are alone, sure?

From a personal childhood terror, Félix Llorente wrote the script vibrantly fast to keep the essence of fear and the tension to push the lone character forward, performed fearlessly by María Pedroviejo.

A small crew shoot an evolving script that goes further on every day work. Just to make a fast turn to deep fear.

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